iTether Launches New Site to Showcase ROI for Health and Justice Organizations

by Chelsea Canto

May 22, 2019

Phoenix, AZ — May 14, 2019 — iTether Technologies Inc. has announced the launch of its new website, offering visitors more insight into how the company partners with leading health and justice organizations to digitally transform care management through continuous patient engagement and proactive treatment when and where patients need it.  iTether’s patient-centered approach delivers improved quality of care while reducing overall medical spend.

iTether’s new website includes a variety of interactive features including a ‘ROI Calculator’ and the ‘Resources’ page, to offer service provider organizations the opportunity to explore how iTether’s solution will improve ROI and increase evidence-based outcomes. 

Using a data-driven approach to evaluate patient progress and provider workflow, iTether focuses on improving care for chronic populations, aligning payment incentives with performance goals, and building accountability for high-quality care from which population analytics are predictive of future healthy communities. 

 “We are excited about having an online presence that represents our innovative solutions that create value for health and justice organizations and the populations that they serve. Not only do we provide organizations with information related to their business, we offer an interactive experience that is specific to their own needs.” said Co-Founder & CEO, Sean Gunderson. 

The site offers an individual webpage for Behavioral Health Providers, Health Plans, and Government and Justice Organizations, addressing how to solve their major pain points via iTether’s digital health tools. For more information, visit ‘How iTether Works’to see a breakdown of the process, implementation, and key features of the platform. 

The new iTether website also features a range of industry trending topics covered in blogs, case studies, news articles, and whitepapers.

If you are interested in a demo of the iTether Care Management Solution, please email or get in touch using the contact form provided on the website.

About iTether Technologies Inc.  

iTether Technologies Inc. provides simple and effective mobile-enabled solutions for changing health behaviors. Our HIPAA compliant care-management system integrates across all levels of care and incorporates continuous monitoring, relevant evidence-based interventions, ongoing assessments, and measures of satisfaction. Through integrated health, patient engagement, and the ability to track measurable and equitable patient outcomes, we deliver evidence that supports value-based care and performance-based payments. iTether raises the standards for behavior modification services and improves long-term success rates. Learn more at

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