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Extending Care Beyond the Clinic

Patients with chronic disease are at greater risk for poor outcomes between doctor visits when they have difficulty staying motivated and engaged. Our care management solution allows you to effectively communicate with patients and apply interventions as their needs evolve in order to provide the best care and increase revenue by improving recovery rates.

Here’s Why It Matters

1 professional per 529 individuals with a behavioral health condition

Improving staff engagement and retention

9 out of 10 patients say they need more help

95% of patient costs are related to gaps in care between visits

70% of patients don’t follow their doctor’s orders

40% no show rate for in person appointments

What iTether Will Do For You

Increase revenue by reducing no-show rates with integrated telehealth

Save staff time and manage high patient volumes with streamlined care coordination

Increase revenue with augmented outreach via remote patient monitoring

Improve patient compliance and engagement with easily accessible treatment plans

Monitor and measure patient outcomes to enable early interventions

Collect data to continuously inform and improve clinical decisions

Deliver and measure educational content and social determinants of health

Increase patient satisfaction with goals, assessments, and patient interventions

“We created a care coordination solution that people use, not because they have to, but because they really love to open the software and engage with their treatment plan.”

Sean Gunderson, iTether Co-Founder

Why Behavioral Health Providers Love iTether

We found that, after participants engaged with our mobile app, their interest for recovery and attitudes about recovery improved.

Patricia Cavazos-Rehg, PhD

Department of Psychiatry at Washington University in St. Louis

We are really excited about iTether and all the possibilities it opens for us.

Michael Magarinos, LAMFT

Informatics Director, Crisis Preparation and Recovery, Inc.

What does your ROI look like with iTether?

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