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Decrease gaps in care. Increase Stability.


Treating the Whole Person

Mentally ill offenders are frequent fliers in the justice system due to fragmented care and lack of appropriate outpatient treatment. Our care management solution closes the gaps in care to help you improve care transitions, deliver high quality treatment, and effectively communicate with clients.

Here’s Why It Matters

76.6% of release prisoners are rearrested within 5 years

68% of jail inmates have a diagnosable substance use disorder

56.7% of which were arrested by the end of the first year

Fewer than 15% receive appropriate treatment

Psychiatric facilities confine 22,000 justice-involved people everyday

Serious mental illness patients spend more than double the time in jails

What iTether Will Do For You

Increase revenue by reducing recidivism rates through improved experiences

Decrease wait time for treatment and evaluation

Improve outpatient care and follow-up processes with streamlined care coordination

Easily deliver program content, assessments, and surveys for patient satisfaction

Track and measure outcomes to provide optimal patient-centered care and enable early interventions

Increase revenue with augmented outreach via remote patient monitoring

Track goals and deliver social determinants of health to help treat the whole person

Improve patient compliance and engagement with easily accessible treatment resources

Why Behavioral Health Providers Love iTether

This is like the Jetsons compared to what we have.

Retired Probation Officer

28 years of Community Corrections experience in both county and federal agencies

What does your ROI look like with iTether?

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